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Within the scope of our mandated capital market service, we offer listed companies access to our broad network. As a rule, this involves establishing reliable investor contacts. Our research is the basis for transparently presenting the company’s equity story to investors.

Equally important, however, are the personal contacts that we facilitate through regular roadshows, conferences, and field trips. Our goal is to raise awareness of the company in the capital market, increase trading volumes, and eliminate market inefficiencies. We address important small and mid-cap investors and disseminate the research via the most important distribution channels (including Bloomberg, Refinitiv, Capital IQ, and FactSet), directly reaching the decision-makers.

Comprehensive capital market support also includes active public relations. Our publications, therefore, appear in the most important media in the financial sector and are published via the largest German press distribution list. We deliberately cultivate healthy relationships with journalists from the specialised media to increase the media presence of the companies we cover. Moreover, our forecasts can be accessed on various popular financial portals.

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